Upcoming dates for your diary 2019


 Area Winter Triathlon                      3 February                 Much Wenlock
Area Dengie Dressage                        10th March                 Marchington
Area Dengie Show Jumping             23rd March                 Marchington
Area H&PC                                           16th April                    High Cross E C, Leics Area Mounted games                         18th May                     TBC
Area SJ                                                  22/23 June                Solihull
Area Eventing                                      6 July                         Offchurch Bury
Area Tetrathlon                                   13/14 July                  Ettington
Area Dressage                                      20 July                       Berriewood
Zone Mounted Games                       20th July                     Stanford Hall, Leics
Area Race Day                                     22 September           Wolverhampton

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The Objectives of The Pony Club

  • to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding
  • to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal
  • to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline
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Updated Branch Rules and Codes of Conduct: Competitions

These rules are specific to our branch and apply to all competitions where riders and ponies/horses are representing the United Pack Pony Club. Competitions include (and are not limited to) Pony Club Area competitions – Dressage, Show Jumping, Mounted Games, Polocrosse and Eventing –  and competitions for which the Branch pays the entry, such as the Flower Show, Chatsworth, Gatcombe and Blenheim.  The Rules are as follows:

  1. The pony/horse and the rider must qualify individually, so each rider and each pony/horse must attend three working rallies (not discipline training sessions).
  2. Anyone wanting to compete in a specific discipline, e.g. show jumping, must attend the relevant discipline training sessions and will not ride for a team if they fail to attend the last training session before that competition.
  3. The combination of pony and rider must be competing at a variety of venues at the relevant level (i.e. the level at which you want to represent the Branch). NSEA, Trailblazers, BD, BE and BS and unaffiliated competitions all count as qualifying competitions as well as competitions run by other Pony Clubs.


  1. All riders MUST be at the collecting ring 45 minutes before their competing time to allow for tack check and riding in.
  2. Once the riders are with their team coach, parents must stay out of all arenas, including course walking and warm-up.
  3. All riders MUST walk the course with the team coach.
  4. Riders must only ride the pony/horse that they are competing on. They are likely to be eliminated if they ride anyone else’s pony/horse at any time, even if it is in the same team.
  5. Any outside assistance or comment aimed at the rider once in the arena can not only adversely affect performance but is likely to result in elimination, thus reflecting badly on the Branch.
  6. All riders and horses must be clean and smart as they are the face of the United Pack Branch.
  7. All riders must be supportive of both other team members, and other competitors.

Any infringement of the Rules carries a risk of not being asked to represent the branch in the future.

All competitors will be sent a shortened copy of the official discipline Rules before any competition in which they represent the Branch.  It is their own responsibility to know and follow the Rules.

The objectives of The Pony Club are:

  • to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding
  • to give instruction in riding and horsemastership and to educate Members to look after and to take proper care of their animal
  • to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline
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September 2018 Programme

You can download the booking form here <Prog 3 Booking Form Sept 2018>

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file. You can down load this for free from Adobe <here>

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October 2018 Programme

Download the booking form here <Prog 3 Booking Form Oct 2018>

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file. You can down load this for free from Adobe <here>

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November 2018 Programme

Download the booking form here <Prog 3 Booking Form Nov 2018>

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file. You can down load this for free from Adobe <here>



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From our Head Coach

Hi Everyone

What a busy summer!  Aside from the great competition results and fabulous Camp, we’ve also had some great test results.  At camp there were Tests E, D, D+ and C+ being taken – with 100% passes.


E Test – Rosie Acton, Amy Holloway, Olivia Dixon, Freddie Bedell, Saffron Walker

D Test – Edith Fitzwilliam, Lily-Ann Rogers, Scarlett Dixon, Jasmine Williams

D+ Test – Holly Mehta, Abi Wathes

C+ Test – Chloe Sturrock, Issie Ellis, Becky Speich


Huge Congratulations to all of you, your hard work was well worthwhile.


Coming into October Club Nights begin.  The first month will be focussing on the Road Rider badge, as we are aware that a number of people need to do it.


The timing of the club nights will stay as last year.  The feedback was positive, and all age groups had enough time and focus to do what they wanted to do.


Minis                                     8yr and under                    5.30 – 6.30pm

Juniors & Seniors             9yrs and over                     6.30 – 8pm


Please let me know if there’s a particular badge you would like to work at.


Horse & Pony Care training will begin in October, happening once a fortnight.  The location will be organised according to who wants to take part.  There is a new age category next year: Mini.  This is a qualifying competition for those 8 yrs and under.  It will follow the same lines as the Juniors and Seniors: teams of three working together to complete un to 10 rounds of both theory and practical questions and tasks.  There were pilot competitions fun this year with great success and big entries, so it is now a qualifier for the Pony Club Championships.


It would be great to have a team in each competition next year, having had none this year.

Senior                   13 yrs and over

Junior                    9 – 12 yrs

Mini                       8 yrs and under


The Dressage and Show Jumping Training with Nicola and Jane will start in October at both Annscroft and Bow House.  This is so that you can work not only towards the summer competitions next year, but also towards the Dengie Dressage and Show Jumping qualifiers that run throughout the winter.  Our closest qualifiers for both are at Berriewood, so within range for everyone.


The rallies will continue at Annscroft through the winter.  It will be great to have lots of you at them, making the most of riding in the dry, out of the wind!


So there’s a busy winter season in the making; let’s hope it’s a good one for everyone.



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DC’s Autumn News Letter

Hi All

By now I am sure most of you are aware that Lindsey Cartwright has resigned as DC of the United Pack and that I have been voted in as the new DC.

If you could please bear with me as I settle in to this new role. I hope to carry on where Lindsey left off (some big shoes to fill) and keep the United Pack moving forwards. By sending teams to compete at the bigger events and to continue the progress with the mounted games teams and our MG competition in May.

I will be making some small changes, nothing too drastic, the first of which is that I would like all members to wear either United Pack polo shirts or sweatshirts at all rallies and discipline trainings ie Dressage, SJ, PX etc. As you will appreciate when we have prospective new members coming to see what we do, the first thing they see is how smart we are, and first impressions always count.

I just wanted to make you all aware that we are having to do a lot more paperwork regarding health and safety and safeguarding, some of which should have been in place before or has just come in from headquarters. Which means we are playing a bit of catch up and that is why some of you are seeing some changes with how we are doing things.

Due to the GDPR I should now send out emails blind, however we found that there was a problem with this and some people are now not receiving my emails, I have asked and others are having this issue. To address this, we are going to go back to sending the emails open, which means all email address can be seen by everyone. I will be sending out an email that I need everyone to reply to with either a yes or no, so yes that they are happy for the email to stay open and be seen by all or no in which case I will put your email in a separate group and send them blind, but I cannot guarantee you will receive them. I have checked, and we are allowed to do this, but we must first get your permission.


To move forward on a positive note. One of my first duties as DC was to attend the Royal Welsh Show with the Mounted Games team, I was glad I could be there to support them in front of the crowded cattle arena on the Wednesday afternoon where they were up against some very good teams. Unfortunately, they didn’t qualify this year to compete in the main arena on the Thursday, hopefully we will be invited again and can have some better luck next time.

After this we were invited by the Kings Troop for a behind the scenes tour, where we were shown their dress and swords and it was explained how everything was made to have multiple purposes, which was very interesting. We were also shown the guns and around the stables, which were very busy as one horse was doing his final performance at the show before being retired to one of the Queen’s stables. They are a fully functioning unit with their own medical team, farriers, saddlers and tailors, all of which have been trained through the unit, which seems a very good career path. It was a very interesting tour and I hope all of those that came enjoyed it, we also invited the Flint and Denbigh team to join us. We have been told that in the future we are welcome to take a group around again, so if you are there next year let me know and I can try to arrange that for you.

The following week saw us send two teams to Burwarton show for the mounted games, the senior team and a very young junior team. Both teams did very well, I think the poor mini team were very tired by the end of the day though, hopefully they aspire to be as good as the seniors one day.


We also sent members and teams to the area dressage, show jumping and eventing. Well done to everyone who went and represented the branch. In the Novice and Intermediate very few get to qualify so despite some good results, especially Meg Williams who was 8th in the intermediate, unfortunately no qualifications. However, in the grassroots we had a number qualifying with Freja Bedell in the show jumping and Philip Watney, Alice Leeke and Becky Morris all qualifying in the eventing.

We sent a team down to Gatcombe Horse trials to do the 90cm.  They had a good day, and well done to Freja Bedell for a cracking clear round. No places this year but looking forward to the next.


Finally, the main event of the year was upon us, camp. This year we had a smaller group which was unfortunate, however it was a nice number for me to settle into my first camp. We had a great time with a lot of extra activities including; a talk from the Wellington Animal Rescue Service, the United Pack hunt, a movie night and nightline, an intro to pony club racing, a bbq and the hobby horse competition. Culminating on the Friday with a one-day event which was changed to a combined training due to the downpour of rain making the cross country unsafe. I hope everyone enjoyed camp and so far, the feedback has been positive from children and parents with everyone enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. A big thank you to all the instructors and all my helpers throughout the week and to Rachel and Liz for putting on the excellent catering.

At the end of the week we had the flower show, starting in the morning with the team show jumping consisting of Chloe Sturrock, Jess Clarke, Issie Ellis and Meg Williams, they all jumped two very good rounds with two fabulous clear rounds from Issie and Chloe to finish 4th which is a fantastic achievement. In the afternoon, we performed the musical ride to the theme rain, our thunder at the start caused a stir amongst the horses; however they coped well and rode on to do a great job and as always give us a good pre-run for the champs.


To bring this to a close, I would just like to say if anybody have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone I am happy to talk about anything. Good luck to everyone at Champs in the coming weeks and for the competitions in the autumn.



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DC’s Summer News Letter 2018

June/July and August are always busy months for the Pony Club.  Everyone is out and about competing, out on fun rides or just generally hacking out because the weather is so nice (We hope).

On a separate sheet we have listed quite a few of the fun rides, shows and other competitions round about, and some of the bigger shows that we send our show-jumping teams to. (Click here to download a list of lots of local competitions)  There are also other things happening. For example the trip to the coast, where we have to gather at Ynys-las at 12 o’clock – have a sensible fairly slow ride on the beach, all have a BBQ, then split into those who want to gallop on the sand and those who don’t.  If the weather is good then it’s a nice day out for all the family.  However, if the weather forecast is really dreadful then we will postpone the trip until another time.

Practices for the Musical Ride and polocrosse will start from May, and we will be looking towards the Championships in August to put on a good performance. Do not volunteer for anything that is going to take place at the Championships if you are away at that time.  Those who want to be part of the Musical Ride have to be available for the practices, the Flower Show and the Championships. It is difficult to practise a musical ride without everybody present, so be prepared to make the effort to attend.

The same with polocrosse.  Do not expect to be part of the polocrosse squad at the Championships if you do not attend the practices, and attend 3 rallies to qualify polocrosse horse and rider.  I have to sign the entry forms for everyone to go to all Area competitions and the Championships, and this year the organisers are going to be strict, so I am not prepared to permit you to go, if you have not qualified at the rallies.

In June we are running a Dressage Competition ON GRASS at Berriewood.  This is open to everyone from lead rein upwards and will be a good practice for anyone doing any eventing as well as the Area Dressage or Area Eventing competitions.  We shall be asking for some volunteers to help run it.

Click here for more information about the Summer Dressage Competition

Also, from this year, you have to have your pony’s passport and up to date vaccination certificate available at the tack check for all Area and Championship events. This will probably include the Musical Ride so be prepared.

We are starting to organise Camp for this year.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.  If a question needs to be asked, then it isn’t a daft question – however small the query, then don’t be afraid to ask.  What we would like, is the names of anyone who is thinking of coming, as a vague idea of numbers helps us to organise instructors, food etc.  Just a name for now, if you are thinking of coming. Don’t forget to get your Pony Club polo shirts from Sally Williams.  You can wear these at camp – there are both short and long-sleeved ones available to buy, as well as United Pack jackets, sweatshirts, and saddle cloths.

If you feel that you don’t want to come to Camp, and are one of the older ones, then come along and help. It all helps towards your Duke of Edinburgh award, or the YELA Award.

Some ponies can live out at Berriewood as we have the use of several paddocks – same price though, as they also have a stable to come into during the day.

Let me finish on my usual note. When out and about, remember that you are representing your Pony Club.  No dirty boots – no dirty bits and tack – or dirty ponies. I know I keep going on about it, but let’s try and change the reputation that we have for being a bit rough round the edges – down from the hills but bringing them with us wherever we go. If anyone is interested in joining, they often come along to a rally to see what goes on. Even though we have the reputation for being happy and friendly, it helps if you wear your Pony Club sweatshirt and SOME of the mud is scraped off. Remember, not everyone is as lucky as you, so if anyone does want to ask questions about your ponies, or the Pony Club, take the time to answer them.

Let’s all have a good summer – lots of success and lots of fun.

Lindsey Cartwright DC


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Summer Dressage Competition – on grass

at Berriewood Farm, Condover, Shrewsbury. SY5 7NN

on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Classes from lead rein upwards, Rosettes to 6th Place and a special award to the highest placed United Pack Pony Club member.
Classes £12 each (UPPC members receive a £2 discount per class entered)
Click here to download the schedule and booking information

Click here to enter via Horse Monkey

Weather permitting, all classes will be held on grass providing a brilliant opportunity to to have some fun with dressage in a relaxed atmosphere or get some competition practice in for other dressage competitions held on grass such as the Pony Club area competitions or eventing.

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