2017 October Half Term Activities

2017 October Half Term Events and Activities have changed

Tue 24th Oct Rally (2-4pm) at Bow House

Wed 25th Oct Dengie Dressage Competition at Berriewood (Booking via Horse Monkey https://horsemonkey.com/search_events

Thur 26th Oct PC Show Jumping Competition at Rodbaston (booking with Sally by 12th Oct)

Fri 27th Test day (10-3pm) for D, D+, C, C+ venue tbc

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Newsletter September 2017

By the time you all get this newsletter, camp will have been and gone.  The Championships will have been and gone, and maybe even the Regional Championships.  Let’s hope we are all thinking how well it all went.  We have competitors who have qualified for both Championships, so I am still thinking “good luck” to the polocrosse teams, the Musical ride, Megan Williams and Alice Leeke in the Individual show-jumping competitions, and our Eventing team at the Regional Championships.

I would also like to say how well our boys – Philip Watney and Charlie Evans – did at the Polocrosse Home International, riding for Wales.  Their team won the Mini section, although Wales was second overall.  We can be really proud of them.

As the autumn gets under way, the rallies will begin again at Bow House.  They will only be taking place in September as it will be too dark after that for rallies.  I know Nicola will be putting on some dressage training over the winter – and there will possibly be some show-jumping as well – so look out for any details in emails or on Facebook.  There are always one or two rallies per month on a weekend afternoon, but not at Bow House as their show-jumping weekends will be starting up.  We are going to try some other places, so there will be a chance to go somewhere else for a change.

The club nights will be starting up at The Inn on the Green on a Wednesday evening. For those that haven’t been before, it is at these evenings that you learn stable management, theory, and do various other activities for badges, and work towards the D, D+, C and C+ tests – not forgetting the Pony Club Quiz.  There will be sessions for all ages, from the smallest upwards, and the parents have a chance to get together, and have a bar snack while they are waiting.

There will also be the Halloween Games at Berriewood for the smaller ones, with fancy dress and lots of ghostly fun.  You can bring your friends to that if you want to, with their ponies, as we invite other Pony Club Branches to come along and join in.

There will be a couple of Children’s Meets – and other various meets over the winter that will be suitable for pony club members, but it is a bit early to know the dates for them. Again, keep your eyes open for information on Facebook and in emails.

Lastly, I know this newsletter only goes up to end of November, but I want to give you a heads-up for a few things happening later.

We will be providing a choir for the Hunt Carol Service at Moore church again at the beginning of December, and the smaller ones’ Christmas party will be on December 10th in Bishops Castle. Also, there will be the Parents’ Dinner at the Inn on the Green (sorted by Louise Tomkins) – and last but not least, the Pony Club Ball at Walcot Hall on Feb 10.

So, lots to look forward to, and there are the Dengie Pony Club show-jumping and dressage qualifier competitions going on during winter, as well as inter-pony club team show jumping ones, which I am sure lots of you will do.



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Programme September 2017

Click here for the September 2017 booking form

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Programme October 2017

<<Click here for the October 2017 booking form>>

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Programme November 2017

<<Click here for the November 2017 booking form>>


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August 2017 Programme

Click this link to download the booking form

Prog 2 Booking form August 2017

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July 2017 Programme

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Prog 2 Booking form July 2017

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June 2017 Programme


Click the link below for the booking form

Prog 2 Booking form June 2017

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June Newsletter

The summer’s arriving, and with it lots of competitions, days out, camp, and various other events that are all in your programme. We want everyone to get as much as they can out of the pony club, and this means joining in with rallies, training sessions, or just taking part in non-competitive stuff.

If you want to be in a team for the polocrosse at the Championships, the Endurance Championships, the show-jumping at the Area trials, the Dressage Area trials, or the Eventing Area trials, you HAVE to come to some of the rallies, and the specific training for that discipline. We do need to judge what your horse is capable of.

The polocrosse training sessions will start in earnest in June.  If you think your pony could do it (definitely not if it kicks) then come along to a session and see what you think.  Your pony does not need to be able to jump, so this might be an idea to do something different.  Complete novices welcome.  All enquiries to Emma Muddiman 07989 623121 or 01588 630521 Give her a ring and have a chat about it.

The event training has always been put on for those that wish to be in the Event team for the Area trials.  Do not come along to it if all you want to do is show-jumping or cross-country.  That is what the rallies are for.  We need to be able to concentrate on those who are intending to be in a team, and to be in a team you will need to compete in at least 2 ODEs before the Area date.

In with this newsletter is the booking form for camp.  Last year it was a huge success, with everyone thoroughly enjoying it, and this year we are going to have an oven !!! Chips !!!   There are several different camps to look at, all at Berriewood and all going on at the same time, and if you want to ask any questions, please give me a ring.  My number is at the top of the page. Ponies are stabled, but there are some paddocks for those ponies who need to be outside. Same price though, as you are given a stable to groom and tack up in.  This year we are thinking of having a climbing wall at the BBQ – so parents get your sensible shoes on.

Bow House have asked me if we would raise some money towards a defibrillator.  All the pony clubs who use Bow House are donating something, and as we are the main one, I do feel we should do our bit.  So we are going to have a stall At Harry Tuffins Open day on August 6th. Toys – everyone has some good condition toys somewhere, and now is your chance to find them a new home.  Also, if we have a stall at the Open day, at Christmas Harry Tuffins will give us a grant.  So it is a win-win situation for us, and all money raised from the stall will go towards the defibrillator fund.

For all new members, and those who need new kit, Sally Williams (number at the top) is the one to contact if you need any of the following United kit:

Jackets Children’s £26  Adults £31.50

Sweatshirts Children’s £10  Adults £13

Polo shirts Long or short sleeved Children’s £10  Adults £11

Saddle cloths  £20

Remember, you can wear the polo shirts at rallies and camp. Long sleeved if you are doing cross-country.  White shirts and ties, if you don’t have any.

WE have put down 2 dates for the beach ride at Ynys-las.  It was a really great day last year, with everyone bringing something for the BBQ at lunchtime.  Suitable for ALL ages, from lead rein to adults.  Don’t worry, it is split into groups – those who want to hurtle along the beach and in the sea, and those who just want a slow ride and a bit of a paddle.  If the weather is bad on the first date, it will be deferred.  As you can imagine, it all depends on the tide, as we park on the beach, and that is why those dates have been picked.  Also, for the sake of everyone else holidaying on the beach, we don’t go in the summer holidays.

Last thing, we would like some of you to go on the ride over the Long Mynd at the end of May, as we would like to put together a team for the Endurance championships in August.  You have to qualify by going on this ride. The chance for a super ride over the Long Mynd should be a must. Please ring Sally Mellor and say if you can go. 01588 650603

So let’s all have a good time this summer, and get out there enjoying what’s available to us.


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March 2017 DC’s News Letter

The programme is starting to look a bit busy with all the activities available.  Of course, you don’t have to do all of them – or indeed any of them, but you can have a go at any that you want, and perhaps move on to something else later on.

We begin the regular Wednesday rallies as soon as the time changes, at the end of March.  Don’t forget that Sally and Beccy need a bit of notice if you are coming to a rally, preferably by sending in your booking form, and also there has to be a penalty if you cancel at the last minute.  We do make allowances for lameness – or ill children, but the instructors have to be paid however many they have in a ride – the cost is worked out in advance.  Please also mark on your booking form if you are attending the activities that say “pay on the day” – so we can tell who is going to what.

There are lots of different disciplines to have a go at.  We will be putting together another Endurance team, so anyone interested please ring Sally Mellor on 01588 650603, or just email myself or Sally Williams and we will pass any queries on.  There is a fun ride/endurance ride over the Long Mynd in May, and this would count as a qualifying ride for the Endurance Championships in August.

There are also training sessions for Mounted Games, Polocrosse, Horse & Pony Care, Show-jumping, Eventing and Dressage, if you want to try for a place in a Pony Club team.  Later on there are practices for the Musical Ride, which we hope to put on at the Shrewsbury Flower Show again, and then at the Championships.  As usual, it will be open to the smallest riders – anyone off the leading rein – and is great fun.  Beccy is talking about a serious musical ride for the older members, so if you want to do a bit of dressage to music – contact Beccy.

The Event training is open to anybody who wants to have a go at Eventing.  Priority will be given to those who want to represent our Branch at Area.  This is quite demanding, and we ask that later on you go to a couple of one-day-events before becoming a team member. You do have to do dressage as well as cross-country, so you can’t just turn up for the jumping and cross-country practices.  However, this year there will be a “Grassroots” class at the Area Eventing, so it is open to a much wider range of riders, with the first few teams from this class going forward to a Regional Championships.

Our own Mounted Games competition takes place at the West Mid Showground on 30th April/1st May.  This competition makes enough money to run our Pony Club, so even if you have absolutely no interest in Games, it still concerns you.  All rallies, camp, and competition entries are subsidised by our Pony Club, and all the kit for Polocrosse, Eventing, Dressage and Games is bought by our Pony Club, and this is where the money comes from.  The money that you pay in subscription every year doesn’t come to us – it goes to Headquarters to cover the main pony club costs – insurance, events, training etc.

So – come and help to set up for the competition on the Friday or Saturday, help run it on the Sunday or Monday (Louise Watney is in charge of helpers – give her your name – no knowledge of Games is necessary) or make cakes for the Home-Made Cake stall.  We have up to 56 teams competing, with 5 in each team – coming from all over Britain and Ireland, so it is a big undertaking – but earns us lots of money, which in turn means more fun for everyone.

I would like to end with one last thing.  Please can you make sure you are clean and tidy – horse, tack and rider – when attending Pony Club rallies and other events.  Very often anyone thinking of joining comes along to a rally to see what we are like, and it’s much better to see everyone in their pony club sweatshirts, with their hair neatly tied back, rather than a lot of multi-coloured hoodies.  In fact, The Pony Club doesn’t allow riding in hoodies anyway, so they are BANNED at rallies.

Also, as you know, our Pony Club has a reputation for being friendly and polite.  For some reason, people are always complimenting me on how nice you all are.  I can’t understand it, but keep it up.



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