Upcoming diary dates

3rd March                    North Warwicks Games competition only
7th March                    Triathlon – Moreton Morrell
10th March                  Area Dengie Dressage – Marchington
17th March                  Atherstone Games competition only
24th March                  Area Dengie Show Jumping – Marchington
29th – 31st March         Senior Camp for those 15 and over – contact Lindsey asap please

5th April                       Area Horse & Pony Care Competition – Atherstone
14/15th April                Dengie Championships – Addington
15th April                      National Quiz Final

6/7th May                    Our Mounted Games Competition – Shrewsbury
19th May                      Area Mounted Games Competitions

7th July                         Area Dressage Competitions – Wolverhampton Racecourse
14/15th July                  Area Tetrathlon – Ettington
21st July                       Area Eventing – Offchurch
21/22nd July               Mounted Games Zone Finals

1st August                    Area Show Jumping – Solihull
6-10th August               Pony Club Camp – Berriewood

16th September           Pony Racing Day

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Winter 2017/18 News Letter

The end of the summer, and for our Pony Club what a summer it has been.  You all seem to have been out and around doing things with the horses, competing, camp, fun-rides, and all sorts of events. I have felt very proud to know you are representatives of our Pony Club, and several new members have joined because you all seem to be having a lot of fun.  Just remember to CLEAN YOUR TACK, BOOTS ETC when you are out there competing, hunting etc. – and representing all of us.

At this time of year a lot of the Pony Club events move indoors, and it is the time for club nights, Horse & Pony Care, and the National Quiz.  I hope some of you who have not yet been involved in anything will come along and make up teams for the National Pony Club Quiz, the Horse & Pony Care competition, maybe Triathlon – no riding involved, just shooting, running and swimming – helping out with the hunt Carol service (I need 6 lesson readers) and the trip to Liverpool Horse show at Christmas. You see, you don’t need a brilliant pony to join in with things.

There will also be dressage, games and show-jumping training continuing throughout the winter, with a couple of rallies at Bow House – weather permitting.  Any of you can come along to the dressage and show-jumping.  It really doesn’t matter what level you are at, it’s all about trying it out. However, the Pony Club Dengie Show-Jumping and Dressage competitions will be taking place over the winter, with the finals in the spring, if you want something to aim for.

Games practices are for those who are under 16 on the first January, with a pony 14.2 and under, and again it doesn’t matter if you haven’t done any before.  There will also be a mini-junior team a bit later on, with leading reins allowed – probably about March to start – to take part in our own Mounted Games competition in May.

We are hoping to put together some teams for the Triathlon competitions in January and February.  This is a good thing to try if you are not sure how well your pony jumps, as the ponies are not involved.  It’s only shooting (or throwing beanbags for the under 8s), swimming and running, and the best bit – your parents can make up teams as well, which is either very entertaining  for the Pony Club members to watch, or hideously embarrassing. If you fancy “having a go” and learning to shoot, contact Emma Muddiman on 07989 623121 and she will explain how to join in.

If you are new to the Pony Club, don’t forget to get your United kit from Sally Williams 01584861696. There are sweatshirts, polo-shirts, jackets and saddle cloths with the logo on.  When the weather improves in the spring you are allowed to wear the polo-shirts to rallies and camp, instead of shirts and ties. It is nice to look smart without having to wear jacket and tie.  Our members are our advert for the Pony Club, and have a reputation for being friendly and having fun – but not, unfortunately, for being the cleanest (see first paragraph). This is going to change, And I can already feel myself becoming unpopular – be warned!

Christmas party for the little ones on December 10th – please come along, and they can always bring a friend if they want, run this year by Terri and Sarah at the 3 Tuns, Bishops Castle.  AGM and prize-giving on January 7th at Norbury Village Hall.  This is where we give out all awards, and badges, so come along – with a plate of food for the buffet, and meet everyone else and take part – you may be in line for a Pony Club trophy.

The Ball is taking place on February 3rd at Walcot Hall.  The tickets are out soon, so if you want any, contact Sally Williams. A few teething problems from last year will be ironed out – so the theme doesn’t have to be “Polar Expeditions”!

Next spring there will be a senior camp for older members and their bigger horses. Probably 2 days.   If anyone’s interested can they let me or Beccy know, as it needs to be booked quite soon, and I would like to have an idea of how many would like to go?

Any problems or queries, please don’t be afraid to ask for help.  That’s what being in the Pony Club is all about.  From transport problems, to lame ponies, tack problems, clipping, loading etc. there will be someone who is able to help.  If you don’t know who to approach, just ask myself, Sally or Beccy – or any one of the parents around and I am sure there will be help offered.



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December 2017 Programme

Dec 2017 Programme

Booking form <<Booking form December 2017>>

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Jan 2018 Programme

Jan 2018 Programme

Booking form <<Booking form January 2018>>

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Feb 2018 Programme

Feb 2018 Programme of events (PNG file)


Booking form Prog 4 Booking form February 2018

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2017 October Half Term Activities

2017 October Half Term Events and Activities have changed

Tue 24th Oct Rally (2-4pm) at Bow House

Wed 25th Oct Dengie Dressage Competition at Berriewood (Booking via Horse Monkey https://horsemonkey.com/search_events

Thur 26th Oct PC Show Jumping Competition at Rodbaston (booking with Sally by 12th Oct)

Fri 27th Test day (10-3pm) for D, D+, C, C+ venue tbc

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Newsletter September 2017

By the time you all get this newsletter, camp will have been and gone.  The Championships will have been and gone, and maybe even the Regional Championships.  Let’s hope we are all thinking how well it all went.  We have competitors who have qualified for both Championships, so I am still thinking “good luck” to the polocrosse teams, the Musical ride, Megan Williams and Alice Leeke in the Individual show-jumping competitions, and our Eventing team at the Regional Championships.

I would also like to say how well our boys – Philip Watney and Charlie Evans – did at the Polocrosse Home International, riding for Wales.  Their team won the Mini section, although Wales was second overall.  We can be really proud of them.

As the autumn gets under way, the rallies will begin again at Bow House.  They will only be taking place in September as it will be too dark after that for rallies.  I know Nicola will be putting on some dressage training over the winter – and there will possibly be some show-jumping as well – so look out for any details in emails or on Facebook.  There are always one or two rallies per month on a weekend afternoon, but not at Bow House as their show-jumping weekends will be starting up.  We are going to try some other places, so there will be a chance to go somewhere else for a change.

The club nights will be starting up at The Inn on the Green on a Wednesday evening. For those that haven’t been before, it is at these evenings that you learn stable management, theory, and do various other activities for badges, and work towards the D, D+, C and C+ tests – not forgetting the Pony Club Quiz.  There will be sessions for all ages, from the smallest upwards, and the parents have a chance to get together, and have a bar snack while they are waiting.

There will also be the Halloween Games at Berriewood for the smaller ones, with fancy dress and lots of ghostly fun.  You can bring your friends to that if you want to, with their ponies, as we invite other Pony Club Branches to come along and join in.

There will be a couple of Children’s Meets – and other various meets over the winter that will be suitable for pony club members, but it is a bit early to know the dates for them. Again, keep your eyes open for information on Facebook and in emails.

Lastly, I know this newsletter only goes up to end of November, but I want to give you a heads-up for a few things happening later.

We will be providing a choir for the Hunt Carol Service at Moore church again at the beginning of December, and the smaller ones’ Christmas party will be on December 10th in Bishops Castle. Also, there will be the Parents’ Dinner at the Inn on the Green (sorted by Louise Tomkins) – and last but not least, the Pony Club Ball at Walcot Hall on Feb 10.

So, lots to look forward to, and there are the Dengie Pony Club show-jumping and dressage qualifier competitions going on during winter, as well as inter-pony club team show jumping ones, which I am sure lots of you will do.



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Programme September 2017

Click here for the September 2017 booking form

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Programme October 2017

<<Click here for the October 2017 booking form>>

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Programme November 2017

<<Click here for the November 2017 booking form>>


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