Autumn Newsletter for DC Sally Williams

Hi All

Well, it’s been a mixed the last few months between equine flu and weather.

First off, can I say a big, GET WELL SOON JIM! We are all thinking of you.

For those that don’t know, Jim is one of our younger members. He has been very ill in hospital but I am pleased to hear from his mum that he has turned the corner and is on the mend. I look forward to seeing him back at Pony Club even if he is only on foot. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to give the whole family a trip to Chester Zoo – it will be something they can look forward to. I have also been told that he has received his card and loved that his pony club friends had all signed it and that it perked him up. If you have not yet donated but you still wish to do so, then please get in contact with me at:

Well done to those that took part in any of the Area Competitions, with mixed results but all trying their best. I was really pleased with everyone at the Area Dressage, with some novice combinations who appeared to be nervous but trying their best and getting some nice scores, with a few even getting into the placings. This year for the first time in the Area Show Jumping, there were classes

for the lower heights giving younger or more novice members a taste of what it’s like to go to Area Competitions.

The Pony Club 90th Anniversary Celebration was on Saturday 3rd of August, and a few of us got together at Marshbarn and had a barbeque. We took some pictures which were sent to the Pony Club Office, and thank you to those that came; we had a lovely time to just socialise.

Next came Camp which went very well with a good turn out and everyone enjoying it. The food was great as usual (thank you, Liz). The night line was very wet due to the number of water-pistols in action, but thankfully it was very warm. We had a good talk on farriery by Jake Preece, and had our film night which included both BIG SCREEN and POPCORN! A mystery Unicorn (see the video on Facebook and hopefully the website) turned up one night and caused havoc with our fun unicorn competition! And we finished with our competition on the last day, unfortunately cut short by the weather.

We were then due to have a Show Jumping team and the Musical Ride at the Flower Show but due to the weather both were cancelled, so we looked forward to the Championships. But a few days later that also had to be cancelled due to the wet weather and ground conditions. We had some very sad competitors from both Polocrosse and the Musical Ride who had all worked really hard to get there.

Thankfully we managed to get the Musical Ride in at Minsterley Show at the last minute, where they looked absolutely fab in their costumes and performed very well. They were all pleased with how they had done, and there were even a few tears amongst some of the parents. We then heard that Pony Club were running a Musical Ride Championship to be entered by video, so we did this at Marshbarn and Beccy sent it off to the Pony Club Office. We came 8th.

Dallas Burston then said that they would be running a Polocrosse Tournament to replace the Championships on the weekend of the 14th September. As most of you will have seen on Facebook there were fab results for the United Pack members once again. Also well done to Jess Clarke, Philip Watney and Scarlett Gibson for getting into the teams for the Polocrosse Home internationals. I have heard good reports and they all played well. Also to Philip for his place in the UK Polocrosse team against South Africa. We continue to show great strength in this discipline.

In August we had two half day rallies, one at Jenny Huffer’s at Clunton, and the other at my place (Marshbarn). Both were well attended and everyone enjoyed their day.

On another note, WELL DONE! to Izzy Ellis on passing her B Test. She worked hard before the Test and Beccy got an excellent report from the assessors about Izzy’s knowledge and riding ability, and how polite and nice she was to talk to.

STOP PRESS: We’ve just heard that Holly Mehta and Libby came 3rd out of 12 against good competition in the 128cm race at the Pony Club Race Day at Wolverhampton Racecourse on 22nd September. Well done Holly!

We are now coming into the winter months when we will still have things going on i.e. Club Nights, Rallies and extra Training. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these things which keep us going into the next year.

It seems much too early, but this programme runs to the end of 2019, so



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