Exhibition Mounted Games at Shropshire County Show

25th May 2019 saw a thrilling, high-speed exhibition of mounted games from the United Pack Seniors at the Shropshire County Show!

“We are delighted that the Shropshire County Show invited us to organise the opening show in the main arena.” said Sally Williams DC of the United Pack Pony Club. They were joined for a sensation display of mounted games by 4 more Pony Clubs.

County Show crowds cheered on, as the teenagers and ponies from Flint and Denbigh, North Shropshire, Rockwood Harriers, United Pack and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Pony Clubs battle their way through 10 fiercely competitive races in the morning and 6 more nail-biting clashes in the afternoon.

United Pack lead the way through the morning until a calamitous Big Sack Race saw their lead evaporate. The ponies waited obediently at one end of the arena whilst their exhausted jockies tried to coordinate jumping inside a one-tonne bag to get home. Commentator, Christine Perkins declared over the speaker that the United Pack looked like something from Brexit, with nobody able to co-ordinate a decision to move forward!

Rebuilding team morale over lunch, United Pack came back with a strong performance in the afternoon. The final results of the day saw a clear win for WWW. Congratulations! With Yorkshire based Rockwood Harries in 2nd.

1st: Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Pony Club with 79 points
2nd Rockwood Harriers with 55 points
3rd United Pack with 54 points
4th Flint and Denbigh with 41
And North Shropshire in 5th place with 26

Well done to everyone that took part! And a huge thank you to the teams from Flint and Denbigh, North Shropshire, Rockwood Harriers and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Pony Clubs for supporting the even!


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