From our Head Coach

Hi Everyone

What a busy summer!  Aside from the great competition results and fabulous Camp, we’ve also had some great test results.  At camp there were Tests E, D, D+ and C+ being taken – with 100% passes.


E Test – Rosie Acton, Amy Holloway, Olivia Dixon, Freddie Bedell, Saffron Walker

D Test – Edith Fitzwilliam, Lily-Ann Rogers, Scarlett Dixon, Jasmine Williams

D+ Test – Holly Mehta, Abi Wathes

C+ Test – Chloe Sturrock, Issie Ellis, Becky Speich


Huge Congratulations to all of you, your hard work was well worthwhile.


Coming into October Club Nights begin.  The first month will be focussing on the Road Rider badge, as we are aware that a number of people need to do it.


The timing of the club nights will stay as last year.  The feedback was positive, and all age groups had enough time and focus to do what they wanted to do.


Minis                                     8yr and under                    5.30 – 6.30pm

Juniors & Seniors             9yrs and over                     6.30 – 8pm


Please let me know if there’s a particular badge you would like to work at.


Horse & Pony Care training will begin in October, happening once a fortnight.  The location will be organised according to who wants to take part.  There is a new age category next year: Mini.  This is a qualifying competition for those 8 yrs and under.  It will follow the same lines as the Juniors and Seniors: teams of three working together to complete un to 10 rounds of both theory and practical questions and tasks.  There were pilot competitions fun this year with great success and big entries, so it is now a qualifier for the Pony Club Championships.


It would be great to have a team in each competition next year, having had none this year.

Senior                   13 yrs and over

Junior                    9 – 12 yrs

Mini                       8 yrs and under


The Dressage and Show Jumping Training with Nicola and Jane will start in October at both Annscroft and Bow House.  This is so that you can work not only towards the summer competitions next year, but also towards the Dengie Dressage and Show Jumping qualifiers that run throughout the winter.  Our closest qualifiers for both are at Berriewood, so within range for everyone.


The rallies will continue at Annscroft through the winter.  It will be great to have lots of you at them, making the most of riding in the dry, out of the wind!


So there’s a busy winter season in the making; let’s hope it’s a good one for everyone.



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