DC’s Summer News Letter 2018

June/July and August are always busy months for the Pony Club.  Everyone is out and about competing, out on fun rides or just generally hacking out because the weather is so nice (We hope).

On a separate sheet we have listed quite a few of the fun rides, shows and other competitions round about, and some of the bigger shows that we send our show-jumping teams to. (Click here to download a list of lots of local competitions)  There are also other things happening. For example the trip to the coast, where we have to gather at Ynys-las at 12 o’clock – have a sensible fairly slow ride on the beach, all have a BBQ, then split into those who want to gallop on the sand and those who don’t.  If the weather is good then it’s a nice day out for all the family.  However, if the weather forecast is really dreadful then we will postpone the trip until another time.

Practices for the Musical Ride and polocrosse will start from May, and we will be looking towards the Championships in August to put on a good performance. Do not volunteer for anything that is going to take place at the Championships if you are away at that time.  Those who want to be part of the Musical Ride have to be available for the practices, the Flower Show and the Championships. It is difficult to practise a musical ride without everybody present, so be prepared to make the effort to attend.

The same with polocrosse.  Do not expect to be part of the polocrosse squad at the Championships if you do not attend the practices, and attend 3 rallies to qualify polocrosse horse and rider.  I have to sign the entry forms for everyone to go to all Area competitions and the Championships, and this year the organisers are going to be strict, so I am not prepared to permit you to go, if you have not qualified at the rallies.

In June we are running a Dressage Competition ON GRASS at Berriewood.  This is open to everyone from lead rein upwards and will be a good practice for anyone doing any eventing as well as the Area Dressage or Area Eventing competitions.  We shall be asking for some volunteers to help run it.

Click here for more information about the Summer Dressage Competition

Also, from this year, you have to have your pony’s passport and up to date vaccination certificate available at the tack check for all Area and Championship events. This will probably include the Musical Ride so be prepared.

We are starting to organise Camp for this year.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.  If a question needs to be asked, then it isn’t a daft question – however small the query, then don’t be afraid to ask.  What we would like, is the names of anyone who is thinking of coming, as a vague idea of numbers helps us to organise instructors, food etc.  Just a name for now, if you are thinking of coming. Don’t forget to get your Pony Club polo shirts from Sally Williams.  You can wear these at camp – there are both short and long-sleeved ones available to buy, as well as United Pack jackets, sweatshirts, and saddle cloths.

If you feel that you don’t want to come to Camp, and are one of the older ones, then come along and help. It all helps towards your Duke of Edinburgh award, or the YELA Award.

Some ponies can live out at Berriewood as we have the use of several paddocks – same price though, as they also have a stable to come into during the day.

Let me finish on my usual note. When out and about, remember that you are representing your Pony Club.  No dirty boots – no dirty bits and tack – or dirty ponies. I know I keep going on about it, but let’s try and change the reputation that we have for being a bit rough round the edges – down from the hills but bringing them with us wherever we go. If anyone is interested in joining, they often come along to a rally to see what goes on. Even though we have the reputation for being happy and friendly, it helps if you wear your Pony Club sweatshirt and SOME of the mud is scraped off. Remember, not everyone is as lucky as you, so if anyone does want to ask questions about your ponies, or the Pony Club, take the time to answer them.

Let’s all have a good summer – lots of success and lots of fun.

Lindsey Cartwright DC


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