June Newsletter

The summer’s arriving, and with it lots of competitions, days out, camp, and various other events that are all in your programme. We want everyone to get as much as they can out of the pony club, and this means joining in with rallies, training sessions, or just taking part in non-competitive stuff.

If you want to be in a team for the polocrosse at the Championships, the Endurance Championships, the show-jumping at the Area trials, the Dressage Area trials, or the Eventing Area trials, you HAVE to come to some of the rallies, and the specific training for that discipline. We do need to judge what your horse is capable of.

The polocrosse training sessions will start in earnest in June.  If you think your pony could do it (definitely not if it kicks) then come along to a session and see what you think.  Your pony does not need to be able to jump, so this might be an idea to do something different.  Complete novices welcome.  All enquiries to Emma Muddiman 07989 623121 or 01588 630521 Give her a ring and have a chat about it.

The event training has always been put on for those that wish to be in the Event team for the Area trials.  Do not come along to it if all you want to do is show-jumping or cross-country.  That is what the rallies are for.  We need to be able to concentrate on those who are intending to be in a team, and to be in a team you will need to compete in at least 2 ODEs before the Area date.

In with this newsletter is the booking form for camp.  Last year it was a huge success, with everyone thoroughly enjoying it, and this year we are going to have an oven !!! Chips !!!   There are several different camps to look at, all at Berriewood and all going on at the same time, and if you want to ask any questions, please give me a ring.  My number is at the top of the page. Ponies are stabled, but there are some paddocks for those ponies who need to be outside. Same price though, as you are given a stable to groom and tack up in.  This year we are thinking of having a climbing wall at the BBQ – so parents get your sensible shoes on.

Bow House have asked me if we would raise some money towards a defibrillator.  All the pony clubs who use Bow House are donating something, and as we are the main one, I do feel we should do our bit.  So we are going to have a stall At Harry Tuffins Open day on August 6th. Toys – everyone has some good condition toys somewhere, and now is your chance to find them a new home.  Also, if we have a stall at the Open day, at Christmas Harry Tuffins will give us a grant.  So it is a win-win situation for us, and all money raised from the stall will go towards the defibrillator fund.

For all new members, and those who need new kit, Sally Williams (number at the top) is the one to contact if you need any of the following United kit:

Jackets Children’s £26  Adults £31.50

Sweatshirts Children’s £10  Adults £13

Polo shirts Long or short sleeved Children’s £10  Adults £11

Saddle cloths  £20

Remember, you can wear the polo shirts at rallies and camp. Long sleeved if you are doing cross-country.  White shirts and ties, if you don’t have any.

WE have put down 2 dates for the beach ride at Ynys-las.  It was a really great day last year, with everyone bringing something for the BBQ at lunchtime.  Suitable for ALL ages, from lead rein to adults.  Don’t worry, it is split into groups – those who want to hurtle along the beach and in the sea, and those who just want a slow ride and a bit of a paddle.  If the weather is bad on the first date, it will be deferred.  As you can imagine, it all depends on the tide, as we park on the beach, and that is why those dates have been picked.  Also, for the sake of everyone else holidaying on the beach, we don’t go in the summer holidays.

Last thing, we would like some of you to go on the ride over the Long Mynd at the end of May, as we would like to put together a team for the Endurance championships in August.  You have to qualify by going on this ride. The chance for a super ride over the Long Mynd should be a must. Please ring Sally Mellor and say if you can go. 01588 650603

So let’s all have a good time this summer, and get out there enjoying what’s available to us.


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