December DC’s Newsletter

This year has absolutely flown past, with Christmas, all the bad weather, and all the dark evenings upon us again.

However, the Pony Club does not come to a halt over the winter. There is still a lot going on – from club nights at the Inn on the Green, the Pony Club Ball at Walcot, show-jumping and dressage training, to the start of the Mounted Games practices, and training sessions for the quiz and Horse & Pony care competition. Of course, you don’t have to do any of these if you don’t want to, but they are all there if you want to try something new.

Come to the club nights if you want to get some badges to put on your jumper, or take part in the Pony Club Quiz (which our pony club has to run again, as we won last year). It is good fun and the parents all get together as well. If you want to pass some tests (D, D+, C) then it is a good idea to come along and join in. There is a Christmas dinner at the Inn on the Green on the evening of the last club night, for all parents, while the pony club members are learning their stuff. If you want to come to it, contact Louise Tomkins on 01588 620977. Please note that the price of club nights has had to rise to £4.

The show-jumping and dressage practices will be on different evenings of the week, by request. We may put some on at a weekend if enough are interested, but at the moment they are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you can’t make the rallies, you can always come to the Dressage and show-jumping practices. These are for everyone not just the older members. You will be put into groups of similar ability, so even if you think you are pretty poor at both, it is worth coming along and improving. You may surprise yourself.

The Pony Club ball is at Walcot Hall on 21st January, cost £45 per head, (going up to £55 from December 15th) with a lower age limit of 16. The last one was a great success, and this one should be as good. If you want tickets, see Becky Fitter, Sally Williams or Sarah Williams, or ask me. Any cheques to be made out to UPPC.

There is a Christmas party at the Three Tuns, Bishops Castle on 11th December at 4pm. Cost £3 This is aimed at the younger members, with the format being – fun and games from 4pm. Tea at 5pm, then Santa’s visit about 5.30, then a disco until 7pm – ish. Little ones can go home after Santa’s visit, if they want to, and the slightly older ones can come about 5ish if they want to. Please book it on the booking form, so Santa can know who to bring presents for. Please also bring a plate of food for the tea table.

The mounted games training starts with an introduction day on 22nd December. Anyone who wants to have a go, or even if you are not sure about it, come along to this session and see if you want to be in a team. There is a place for everyone, of all abilities and ages (under 15 on Jan 1st). You do not have to commit yourselves to anything at this stage – but it is good fun, and great for getting going on your ponies. There is a rally organised at Annscroft, in February, where the Mounted Games practice is straight after – good for getting any mounted games ponies qualified. See your programme.

There are rallies continuing throughout the winter. If you attend a rally at Bow House, please can you clear up after your ponies in the car park and on the surrounding paths, as well as in the arenas. Caroline Daker has asked that we do this, and there is a barrow always available to put muck in.

There are rallies organised at both Annscroft and Berriewood over the winter months. Bow House has show-jumping every weekend, and it is useful to have an indoor school available if the weather is bad. If the weather is particularly bad, everything may be cancelled, so watch out on Facebook etc if you are concerned. Please note that the price of 2hr rallies has had to go up to £16.

The AGM is again being held at Norbury Village Hall on 8th January at 6pm. EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO ATTEND. If you were awarded a trophy last year, please return it – engraved and clean – preferably before the AGM. You just DO NOT KNOW if you have won anything, so come along and find out. Please bring a plate of food with you, and please send any photos that you think would be good for the Power Point presentation to Barry. Either give them to me, or email them to; they don’t have to have ponies in them – just good photos of our pony club members, or parents, throughout the year.

All your ponies will be getting woolly soon, and if you want any help with clipping, just ask – there are plenty of people around with clippers who would be happy to come and help.
I hope the weather will be kind to us this winter, and we all have a chance to get out and about. Dates for hunting – junior meets and meets suitable for pony club members, are out, so have a look at the list if you want a day out with hounds.


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