Mounted Games

Try out the fun, thrills and excitement of mounted games! From weaving through poles at top speed to pick up and setting down socks on barrels and cups on posts, vaulting and high speed relays! Our teams have competed internationally and every year we organise possibly the biggest non-league mounted games tournament in the UK with teams coming from all over the UK to hone their skills ready for the competition season.

All abilities welcome from lead rein through to experienced seniors.

Practices sessions usually take place on Saturday afternoons from 5pm to 7pm. We meet in the indoor school at Stoneyford, Annescroft in the winter and early spring, and when the weather gets better we practice at Bow House near Bishops Castle.

Check out the programme for the most up to date information or contact Lindsey Cartright or Emma Muddiman (details on the contacts page.

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